Idle Dungeon Manager - Arena Tycoon Game

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Idle Dungeon Manager - Arena Tycoon Game - early entry

Join us on this journey by sharing our stories and ideas. With lots of new features and adventures that are constantly coming, you can make the most of this game.

Can you manage multiple prisons and become a successful prison manager?

Control various dungeons that will be the prey of evil monsters.

You need to start exploring a small dungeon and go through the risk level to get your prey. Summon brave warriors to fight and refresh to better control the most powerful monsters.

Clean and collect rare stores:

Use the books you read to unlock rare characters through call recording and collect experience points to improve their level. Try opening the famous Idle Prison Manager stores to reveal your power. Assemble various classes such as warrior, archers, machines and more.

Fight monsters with different strategies:

There is no such war as any other. Try to find the best strategy and make a winner for each one. Uncover the weaknesses of the monsters and choose the classes and places that suit your characters.

Get hands-on experience in a home siege:

Monsters continue to attack neighboring villages. In addition to inspecting new prisons, they need to be taken care of. Test your skills at home and earn experience points to improve your characters.

Manage your resources to succeed:

Sell ​​your money and unemployment money to improve your prisons. Reasonably decide who the winner is to invest your experience points with rare confidence to gain. Follow the double winning cards to make them stronger.


★ Easy game for all players

★ Fight evil monsters and change your strategy during battle.

★ Unlock multiple stores and upgrade levels.

★ No internet connection required. Play offline anywhere, always get free action!

★ With just one click you will be able to make great decisions as a tycoon manager in this home converter.

★ Become the world's largest dungeon hunter and get rich by looting the hidden treasures of monsters.

Let it be the largest dungeon diamond ever seen in the world!

What are you waiting for? Play one of the best useful simulation games now!

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